Membership & Benefits
CSBA provides valuable information and resources for small businesses and is a leading advocate for the small business community; making sure their voice is heard in state and federal government. Members receive all benefits including:

  • State Legislative information critical to small business
  • Monday Morning Brief
  • Priority access to Small Business Advisory Councils
  • Issue Committee membership and leadership opportunities.
  • Opportunities to speak on behalf of small business at local and state-wide events.
  • Priority access to CA Small Business Day
  • Help with access to state agencies and support for small business issues.

Categories of Membership:

  • Legislative Council members are actively involved in local and state advocacy of CSBA’s issue agenda. The Legislative Councils form issue committees to track legislation on each issue, provide testimony by small business owners and participate in the drafting of legislation that will assist small businesses in California. ($250)
  • The 240 Club members are selected as one of two district representatives in the 180 legislative districts in California. These members are paid Legislative Council members that have participated in a Small Business Advisory Council and are members of an Issue Committee in good standing. These members are the local facilitators between CSBA and the district’s elected officials. ($240)

  • Regular members are small businesses (as defined by the U.S. Small Business Administration) with full voting rights and have the opportunity to participate in Association advocacy activities. ($150).

What has CSBA Done for your Small Business?

“CSBA’s greatest attribute is its unique ability to bring the states legislators to small business. The in district meetings foster a greater understanding of both small business issues and the challenges facing legislators. CSBA is small business run! Its boards and committees are made up of small business people who give freely of their time, talents and knowledge. There is a unique inherent feeling that no business or individual's agenda may have more influence that another. CSBA truly serves all small business entrust.”

Dennis DeCota
Executive Director, California Service Station & Automotive Repair Association
Santa Rosa, CA

“CSBA saved my business! I own a personnel services company and was paying $900 a month in workers’ comp. insurance; the next month my rates went up to $4145 a month, which I paid for an entire year before asking CSBA for help. CSBA helped me track down and contact the right person that could help me get my rates for workers comp. insurance back down. CSBA has been working on workers comp reform ever since. I can’t thank CSBA enough for saving my business!”

Eileen Fend
On Call Personnel, Inc.
Marina del Rey, CA

“There is no doubt in my mind that CSBA is the VOICE of small businesses in California. There is no other organization that makes the legislators through-out the state more aware of the issues and concerns for small business than CSBA. CSBA gives small businesses, such as mine, a loud and clear voice at the state level and has helped to ensure that my businesses voice is heard.”

Rebecca Llewellyn
Payco Specialties, Inc.
Chula Vista, CA

“CSBA has been able to put me in front of my elected officials where I was able to discuss the issues that are affecting my small business and to help in the solution process to those issues. CSBA holds the legislators accountable for the things that are discussed in each Small Business Advisory Council meeting and makes sure that my voice is heard and the discussions and issues are not forgotten”

Leland Fishman
Fishman Supply Company
Petaluma, CA

Due/Return Policy:

CSBA membership is open to all small business owners in California, affiliate organizations, and corporate partners. Membership is recorded in the name of the business and is considered active for 364 days from the time of payment. Membership dues are nonrefundable.