Energy and Environment

CSBA supports clean air, renewable energy and clean water. Our concern is with the disproportionate impact these environmental issues are having on small businesses in California. Energy and water costs are of major concern to small business owners. We will continue to monitor the implementation and work with all parties for maximum results.

Diane Anderson, Co-Chair


Cindy Cleghorn, Co-Chair

2017 Legislative Bills

BillCSBA POSITIONHouse of OriginSecond HouseGovernor
AB 33
Greenhouse gases from transport.: reduction: fees/rebates on new purchases.
AB 630
Establishes Plus Up Program to achieve reduction in emission of greenhouse gases
AB 956
Energy assistance: corner stores.
AB 964
Loan Program for low emission vehicles.
Hearing: 4/17/17
AB 1117
CEQA not be used for a “non-environmental purposes”
AB 1132
Order of abatement issued prior to hearing for Non-vehicular air pollution.
AB 1438
Revise and recast provisions of Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Act
SB 71
Electricity: solar energy systems.
Hearing: 4/4/17
SB 660
Expedite vehicle emission pollution devices installation.
Hearing: 4/19/17
AB 15/SB 5
Enact the CA Clean Water, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018
Hearing: 4/5/17
AB 1369
Increase statewide water storage capacity.

Bill Summaries:

  • AB33- Reduces net emissions from greenhouse gases from transportation by imposing fees and granting rebates on sales of new automobiles and light trucks. Watch 
  • AB630- This bill would establish the Plus Up Program to be administered by the State Air Resources Board to focus on achieving reductions in the emissions of greenhouse gases, improvements in air quality, and benefits to low-income state residents through the replacement of high-polluting motor vehicles, as specified. Watch
  • AB956- Require each electrical corporation and gas corporation to develop a program, subject to the direction and supervision of the commission, that provides incentives and assistance to owners, operators, or lessees of corner stores, as defined, to reduce their electricity and gas bills through conservation and energy efficiency improvements. Watch
  • AB964- This bill would create the California Affordable Clean Vehicle Program to assist low-income or high financial risk individuals in the purchase of low-emission vehicles. Support
  • AB1117 - The bill would declare that it is the intent of the Legislature that CEQA not be used for a “non-environmental purpose,” including, but not limited to, competing with another business, delaying a project for reasons unrelated to environmental protection, or extracting concessions unrelated to the environment from project proponents.Oppose
  • AB1132- This bill would authorize the air pollution control officer, if he or she determines that a person has violated those requirements and the violation presents an imminent and substantial endangerment to the public health or welfare, or the environment, to issue an order for abatement pending a hearing before the hearing board of the air district. Watch
  • AB1438 - This bill would revise and recastthe Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Act. Watch
  • SB71- This bill would require a solar electric or solar thermal system to be installed in the solar zone of those residential and nonresidential buildings on which construction commences on or after January 1, 2018, during that construction. The bill would authorize the California Building Standards Commission, in collaboration with the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission and other relevant state agencies, to adopt regulations to impose additional standards on solar electric and solar thermal systems on those buildings to reflect the most recent technology available.
  • SB660- This bill would authorize the state board to enter into agreements with private entities and receive contributions from private sources in the form of equipment or money in order to expedite the processing of the vehicle emission pollution device installations. Watch 


  • AB15/SB5 - Enacts the California Clean Water, Climate,  Coastal  Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018, which, if approved by the voters, would authorize the issuance of bonds in an amount $3,105,000,000. Watch
  • AB1369 - This bill would require the department to increase statewide water storage capacity by 25% by January 1, 2025, and 50% by January 1, 2050, as specified. Support