Regulation, Paperwork and Tort Reform

Reducing the burdens imposed by paperwork and government regulations continues to be a major concern for small business owners. Government agencies must build more effective partnerships with small businesses in the design, implementation and impact of regulations. Increases in fees and fines must also be restructured. Frivolous lawsuits (ADA) are a major concern to small business.

James Justus, Co-Chair


Betty Jo Toccoli, Co-Chair

2017 Legislative Bills

Regulation, Paperwork and Tort Reform

BillCSBA POSITIONHouse of OriginSecond HouseGovernor
AB 12/ AB 77
State government: administrative regulations: review.
AB 150
Disabled persons: rights: liability.
AB 442
Employer liability: small business and microbusiness.
AB 674
Presidential Election Day: state holiday.
AB 657
State government: small business liaisons.
AB 767
Master Business License Act.
AB 912/SB 555
Small business: California Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act.
AB 913
Construction-related accessibility claims: extremely high-frequency litigants.
AB 1575 (Spot Bill)
Small business assistance.
AB 1583
Proposition 65: enforcement: certificate of merit: factual basis.


Bill Summaries:

  • AB12/AB77-This bill would require each state agency to, on or before January 1, 2020, review that agency’s regulations, identify any regulations that are duplicative, overlapping, inconsistent, or out of date, to revise those identified regulations, as provided, and report to the Legislature and Governor, as specified. The bill would repeal these provisions on January 1, 2021. Support
  • AB150-This bill would establish notice requirements for a plaintiff to follow before bringing an action against a small business, as defined, for an alleged violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). The bill would require the plaintiff to provide notice to a business at least 6 months before filing the complaint. Support
  • AB442- This bill would prohibit the division from commencing any enforcement action for any nonserious violation, as defined, against any employer where the employer is a small business or microbusiness, as defined, without first giving the employer written notice and providing the employer 30 days to correct the violation. Support
  • AB542-This bill would add the day on which the presidential general election is held, which is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of each year that is evenly divisible by the number four, to these lists of holidays. This bill would require community colleges and public schools to close on any day on which a presidential general election is held. This bill would require that state employees, with specified exceptions, be given time off with pay for days on which a presidential general election is held. Oppose
  • AB657-This bill would require a state agency that significantly regulates small business or that significantly impacts small business to prominently display the name and contact information of the small business liaison on the agency’s Web site, if the agency has a Web site. Support
  • AB767-This bill would create within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, or its successor, a business license center to develop and administer a computerized master business license system to simplify the process of engaging in business in this state.Support
  • AB912/SB555-This bill would require a state agency to assist a small business, as defined, in complying with all statutes and regulations administered by the state agency and in any enforcement action by the state agency.Support
  • AB913-This bill would authorize a court to enter a prefiling order prohibiting an extremely high-frequency litigant, as defined, from filing any new litigation in the courts of this state without first obtaining leave of the presiding justice or presiding judge of the court where the litigation is proposed to be filed.Support
  • AB1575 (Spot Bill)-This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to promote and assist small businesses. Watch
  • AB1583-This bill would require the same factual information sufficient to establish the basis of the certificate of merit to be attached to the certificate of merit that is served on the alleged violator.This bill would repeal the prohibition on the moving party being present at the in-camera proceeding and would make the basis for the certificate of merit discoverable. Support