Small Business Education Foundation

The California Small Business Education Foundation (CSBEF) was founded following the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business as a nonprofit public benefit corporation 50l(c)(3). The founding small business organizers were zealous in their inclusiveness of all small business communities, as were the delegates representing California at the White House Conference on Small Business.

Our purpose is to provide California small businesses, their leadership, and affiliated organizations educational programs and resources on issues having an impact on businesses of 500 or fewer employees. CSBEF is organized exclusively for educational and research purposes.

Our activities have included studies and educational programs on the following subjects:

  • Energy and Environment:reliability of electric service, renewables, and rate comparisons
  • Healthcare:usage patterns, accessibility and other trends
  • Small Business Statistics:economic, industry classifications
  • Technology:access, utilization trends, and assistance for small business. For more information on our technology directives please visit
  • Telecom:universal service, area code splits, and broadband, government contracting and regulation

Officers and directors include:

  • Chair/CEO:Betty Jo Toccoli, representing California Small Business Association
  • Secretary:Harold H. Martinez, representing Latino Small Businesses
  • Treasurer:Jim Conran, representing California Small Business Roundtable
  • Director:Gwen Moore, representing Black Business Owners
  • Director:Vivian Shimoya, representing Asian Business Owners

The CSBEF is open to any state, regional, or local small business organization. We strive to affiliate our goals and efforts to secure maximum results. This partnering for focus groups, surveys and studies, and town hall meetings has given maximum return for all.