Workers’ Comp and Other Insurance

Additional challenges to small business insurance programs are of great concern to the CSBA including the underground market. Rising costs of claims, increased frequency and litigation of claims, fraudulent claims and the uncertainty and unprofitability in the marketplace continue to sow the seeds of a hard market and have led to substantial increases in premiums.

Lynn DellaCroce, Chair

2017 Legislative Bills

Workers’ Comp and Other Insurance

BillCSBA POSITIONHouse of OriginSecond HouseGovernor
AB 61 (Spot Bill)
Workers’ compensation.

AB 206
Workers’ compensation: employees.
AB 221
Workers’ compensation: liability for payment.
AB 442
Employer liability: small business and microbusiness.
AB 570
Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment.

AB 996
Contractors Licensing Board Web site: search function for workers compensation claims.

AB 1422
Workers’ compensation insurance: fraud.

SB 391
Employment: workers’ compensation and piece-rate compensation.

Bill Summaries:

  • AB61 - This bill would express the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would streamline and regulate the workers’ compensation system to improve the process for the benefit of small businesses and the employees of the State of California. Watch
  • AB206 - This bill would specify that the above definition of employee applies without regard to immigration status. The bill would also remove the exclusion for an employee who was employed, or was contracted to be employed, for less than 52 hours, thereby expanding the definition of employee for purposes of the laws governing workers’ compensation and expanding the scope of a crime. Oppose
  • AB221 - This bill would provide that for claims of occupational disease or cumulative injury filed on or after January 1, 2018, the employee and the employer would have no liability for payment for medical treatment unless one or more of certain conditions are satisfied, including, among others, that the treatment was authorized by the employer. Support
  • AB442-This bill would prohibit the division from commencing any enforcement action for any nonserious violation, as defined, against any employer where the employer is a small business or microbusiness, as defined, without first giving the employer written notice and providing the employer 30 days to correct the violation. The bill would authorize the division to assess a reasonable fee to cover its costs not to exceed $50. Support
  • AB570-This bill would prohibit apportionment, in the case of a physical injury occurring on or after January 1, 2018, from being based on pregnancy, childbirth, or other medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth. Watch
  • AB996-This bill would require the Contractors’ State License Board to adopt an enhancement to the current contractor license check search function on its Internet Web site to permit consumers and licensees to monitor the status and progress of a licensee’s application for, or renewal of, a certificate of workers’ compensation insurance or certification of self-insurance that is pending before the board, as specified. Support
  • AB1422- This bill would require the Fraud Assessment Commission to additionally consider the advice and recommendations of the Director of Industrial Relations in determining the aggregate amount of the assessment. The bill would also delete obsolete provisions. Oppose
  • SB391- This bill would require the Labor Commissioner to post each month on the commissioner’s Internet Web site information regarding payments made to the commissioner described above, the total number of employees located for whom the Labor Commissioner has collected payments and the total amount remitted to those employees, and the balance remaining from the amounts paid to the commissioner after remitting payments to employees. Support